mediCipio ® A

The doubly effective hemostatic agent

The hemostatic agent mediCipio ® A is a sterile, completely resorbable matrix made from porcine collagen and oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC).
The product is characterized by its layered structure and its double effectiveness. It has excellent hemostatic and sealing properties and also has a wound healing effect.


The hemostatic agent mediCipio ® A can be used in surgical and non-surgical settings. It is indicated as a supportive, local measure to improve hemostasis in diffuse oozing bleedings; it can also be used for tissue sealing.
Examples of applications:

  • Thyroid surgeries
  • Minimally invasive procedures (e.g. laparoscopic cholecystectomy and partial kidney resections)
  • Inguinal hernia operations (Lichtenstein technique)
  • Vascular surgeries

The efficacy and safety of mediCipio ® A was successfully confirmed in a prospective, randomized and single-blind clinical comparison study with 150 patients.

Advantages and benefits
  • High-performance passive hemostatic agent
  • Immediately ready for use
  • High flexibility and adaptability even when wet
  • No volume increase
  • No discoloration in contact with blood
  • No human blood components
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Fully resorbable
  • Does not increase risk of scars forming
  • Easy to store

Product versions
Size   [cm]  Contents [Units] PZN EAN

1 x 5 5 14174850 0701197926325
2,5 x 3 5 14174867 0701197926332
5 x 5 2 14174873 0701197926349
5 x 10 2 14174904 0701197926356

The products are provided in individual sterile packages.

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